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About the ZenCat Mission and Dr. Phoenix Watt

Brown tabby and white cat lives the ZenCat Mission

Here's why your cats need a little more Zen, and the dedicated cat-loving veterinarian who will bring it to them.

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Dilute tortie kitten loves ZenCat!

Here's what we can do for your cats and kittens in the comfort of your home, and our fees and prices.

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Cat Lover's Resources

Borwn tabby and white kitten loves ZenCat!

Links to cats and kittens available for adoption, Dr. Phoenix's blog, the doctor's favorite toys and litters, nutrition and behavioral information, and so much more!

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Newborns through geriatric kitties, here's what your cat needs

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What vaccination are available and why your kitty needs them

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Sick Kitties


Is my kitty sick? Here's how to recognize illness in your cat

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Our Clients LOVE Us! Check out our latest online reviews:

We won't be putting off vet visits!

 Thank goodness for Dr. Phoenix and ZenCat vet! Taking our older cat (18 years!) to the vet has always been a stressful nightmare ... but not anymore! Dr. Phoenix examined and treated our cat in the comfort of our home, and the experience was much less stressful for everyone. Our cat used to "punish" us after each visit to the vet, but now she is back to her lazy, happy self once the in-home exam is over.

Dr. Phoenix is a pleasure to work with. We really appreciate that she can communicate about our cat's health in a way we can understand. She has helped us with a range of concerns for our cat including finding healthier food options, alleviating arthritis pain, and managing long-term kidney issues.

We won't be putting off vet visits now that we have ZenCat vet! 

T. I., Carlsbad 5-stars on Yelp on 8/17/2017

15-star review and purrs for Dr. Phoenix!

 I was concerned that a visit to the vet would be too much for our 17-year-old, anxiety ridden cat, so the mobile option was a godsend!  I am always conscious of cost and  was amazed that the service was comparable in price, and in some respects less expensive, than a traditional vet visit.  The cost and convenience alone would call for five stars, but I need to add another five stars for Dr. Phoenix.  She is knowledgeable, professional, and she provided valuable information that allowed us to make informed decisions about our cat's diet, health regimen, and psychological foibles.  A follow up email restated all we had discussed and provided links  to various helpful sites.  My cat demands that I add another 5 stars for Dr. Phoenix's gentleness and cat-pleasing personality.  Kitty has taken a few bites out of vets during her many years of visits to vet offices, but she had nothing but purrs for Dr. Phoenix.  FIFTEEN STAR REVIEW! 

Marilyn H., San Diego 5-stars on Yelp on 8/23/2017

Caring, compassionate and honest!

 I've known Phoenix for years and now her dream has come true of becoming a vet. She's the kind of vet you want, caring compassionate and honest. She specializes in cats, but my dog Apollo loves her so don't hesitate to call her if you have dogs!!! 

David R., San Diego 5-stars on Google Sept. 2017

So gentle and patient with my cat!

100% recommend Zencatvet! Dr. Watt is awesome, she was so gentle and patient with my cat Suni.  It's by far the best experience I have had with any cat and the vet. To have your vet come to you in your own home removes the anxiety of a car ride, waiting room, etc.  The last few trips to the vet were horror stories, and this visit with Dr. Watt was a complete turnaround.  Suni was relaxed and calm.  Dr. Watt is professional and it's obvious she cares deeply about her patients. We are never going back to the vet again!  We are committed to the positive experience of Zencatvet and Dr. Watt. 

Rachel J., San Diego 5-stars on Google Aug. 2017

Moxie was a lot more calm (being seen at home)!

 I'm a new mommy with a small baby and an old cat!  Such a huge convenience to have found a mobile vet.  I mean, it's hard enough getting my cat to the vet, but with a baby in tow, it's impossible.  
I can't recommend Dr. Phoenix enough - she's a cat expert. Dr. Phoenix came to my home to do a physical on my 12-year-old fur baby, Moxie.  I've been worried about her lately as since my son was born I haven't given her much attention and she's developed some bad behaviors.  Dr. Phoenix brought all the equipment with her and she did a full examination in my living room.  Dr. Phoenix was patient, professional and Moxie was a lot more calm than she would have been if I'd brought her to a clinic.  
During the visit Dr. Phoenix addressed all my concerns and gave me practical advice how to help Moxie adjust to the new baby.  
We have future appointments already scheduled so Moxie will get all her shots when needed. 

Elizabeth B., San Diego 5-stars on Yelp 8/2/2017

Highly recommend this great service!


Dr. Phoenix is an awesome person and an even better Vet. Highly recommend this great service!

Ryan L., San Diego 5-stars on Google Aug. 2017

More Services

Chronic Disease Management

White long hair cat contemplates having a chronic disease

If you and your cat are struggling with a chronic disease, let ZenCat help you navigate the best treatment plans and outcomes.

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Nutritional & Behavioral Counseling


From calculating your cat’s RER (resting energy requirements) to ensure appropriate caloric intake, to creating a personalized homemade diet recipe, to recommending the best commercial cat food (be it raw or canned), I can help you figure out the best way to meet your cat’s nutritional requirements within your budget.

From litterbox issues to aggression, let ZenCat find a solution to these common problems and more.

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Sugery & Dentistry


From spay and neuter to teeth cleaning and exploratory laparotomy, ZenCat surgical and dentistry services can keep your cats healthy and happy.

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Assessing Quality of Life, Palliative and Hospice Care


Is your kitty having more bad days than good? Let ZenCat assist you in determining how to optimize your cat's quality of life.


Not sure how to help your kitty enjoy the best quality of life when the end is near? ZenCat can show you how to minimize pain and suffering and ensure that your cat is living his remaining days to the fullest.

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What About Dogs (& Other Pets)?


The cat's out of the bag! So many ZenCat clients have asked if we would see their beloved dogs... how could we say no? 

(Just don't tell the cats!)

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Euthanasia - The "Good Death"

Kitty is ready, are you?

Not sure if it's time for your precious baby to transition from this life to the next? 

ZenCat can help.

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ZenCat House Call Veterinary Services For Cats, Serving Northern San Diego

ZenCat is a feline-exclusive holistic house call veterinary practice, offering cats and their guardians the opportunity to achieve optimum health and wellness where kitties are happiest… in the comfort of their own home!    

The ZenCat holistic approach means that all aspects of the cat and his or her lifestyle is taken into consideration. Most veterinarians limit their scheduled appointments to 15 minutes, but ZenCat appointments are scheduled for at least one hour. This allows enough time to perform a full physical exam, and time to discuss nutrition (the foundation of wellness), water availability and intake (the key to keeping kitty’s kidneys healthy), litterbox assessment, behavioral issues, and anything else you’d like to discuss with the vet.   

ZenCat offers vaccinations, parasite control, Western and Eastern treatment modalities, pharmaceutical alternatives, blood work, urinalysis, fecal exams, eye tests, and ultrasound. We specialize in chronic disease management for arthritis, kidney disease, hyperthyroid, feline herpesvirus, heart disease, and diabetes, palliative and hospice care, quality of life assessment, and in-home euthanasia – the last, greatest gift you can give your kitty when it’s time to transition from this life to the next.   

I’m Dr. Phoenix Watt, and I am pretty much the crazy cat lady who went to veterinary school. As I gained the exposure and experience at the variety of veterinary practices necessary to apply to vet school, I observed that cats are often treated as second-class citizens in many hospitals. That’s not fair to the cat or her guardian. So my goal in creating ZenCat is to bring best-in-class veterinary care into your home, creating the best possible experience for your cat, and you!   

Over the decades, I’ve been the doting guardian of many wonderful cats, which means that, like my clients, I’ve been a consumer of veterinary services for a long time. Most vets go to high school, then university, then vet school, lacking the practical experience of being on the consumer side of veterinary medicine. But I do know what that’s like, and I feel my experiences inform my practice and make me a better vet.     

Our clients love ZenCat because they don’t have to go through the nightmare of shoving an unwilling cat into a carrier, driving with their poor baby wailing in the back seat during the long drive, sitting in a reception area with barking dogs and noisy videos, and then having to take the carrier apart to get the cat out… all in order to talk to a doctor for five minutes! (And of course, the experience is exponentially worse trying to take multiple cats to the vet at once!) They know that with a ZenCat house call the veterinarian comes to the house, kitty is examined in his calm, Zen-like, familiar home surroundings, and nothing is rushed.   

What really makes us unique is that we are a holistic house call veterinary practice exclusively for cats.   

What makes us stand out is that we LOVE cats, and are dedicated to making veterinary services available every cat at every life stage.    

Doesn’t your cat deserve a little more Zen in her life? Call us today for an appointment at (760) 443-7241, or click on the button below to visit our online booking area.

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